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Animation of Explosions

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Some games require animated explosions. On this page you will find image series for the following explosions (it might take a moment for them to be loaded completely and for the animations to start):


(If you are still using Internet Explorer: the animations will only be visible with IE version 9 or newer - older versions will display an error message instead)

The "GlowingExplosion" shows a simple explosion emitting "glitter particles" (stars). The "MeteorHit" was made for a small shooting game to show the hit on an asteroid while "Meteor Blast" should show how an asteroid finally explodes after several hits.

The corresponding individual images have a size of 400x400 pixels (600x600 pixels for the "Meteor Blast"), have been saved in PNG format (with transparency) and can be downloaded as ZIP archives:
All explosions were created with the (currently still free) "Explosion Generator 3" from "deep blue apps". The respective settings for the animation shown above can be found here:
Instead of downloading the finished image sequences, you may thus also start with the shown settings and create your own, custom animations.

Presentation using Processing

In the end, you will probably use the explosions in a game generator (such as GameSalad). On this page, however, they were presented using Processing.js. The associated scripts can be found here:

License Information

All graphics and scripts presented on this page are licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported license", which essentially means that you may both use and modify them (even in a commercial context) - provided that your changes have been marked as such and there is a reference to me as the original author at an appropriate place.

Have fun with my animations!