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"LiveCode Server" [1] is an interpreter for LiveCode [2] scripts which is started from the command line and neither needs nor offers any graphical user interface.

It is primarily intended as a CGI processor, allowing web pages to be processed with LiveCode - thus, there is no necessityd anymore to learn PHP in order to offer dynamic web pages.

Additionally, however, LiveCode Server may also quite easily be used for command-line applications - instead of bash, csh and all the other shell languages provided by Unix and Linux.

In contrast to what the name "LiveCode Server" might suggest, the product is not a (standalone) server, but rather a LiveCode interpreter specifically designed for being used behind a (separate) server.

On this page you will find a series of scripts for "LiveCode Server" as well as tips and tricks for dealing with this system.


Have fun with LiveCode Server!


(RunRev Ltd.)
LiveCode | LiveCode Server Guide
The LiveCode Server is an interpreter for LiveCode scripts that is started from the command line (does not offer any graphical user interface) and is intended primarily as a CGI processor (this way, web pages can be processed with LiveCode - thus, you do not necessarily have to learn PHP any longer).
(RunRev Ltd.)
LiveCode | Create apps for multiple platforms. Quickly. Easily. Free
LiveCode is a development environment for both stationary (Windows, Linux, MacOS X) and mobile (iOS, Android) applications modeled after the legendary Apple HyperCard. A visual editor allows fast design of user interfaces, a programming language inspired by the english language allows even non-professional programmers to develop professional applications and the concept of "modifying a running program" simplifies testing and troubleshooting.